O+ Mission

By exchanging the art of medicine for the medicine of art, O+ empowers communities to take control of their collective wellbeing.

Who we are

Founded in 2010 in Kingston, NY by a small group of artists-activists, doctors and a dentist, O+ is now a national nonprofit working in cities around the country.

What we do

We build long-term relationships between creatives and health & wellness providers to help strengthen local communities. Our year-round efforts culminate in one-day and weekend-long celebrations, during which underinsured artists and musicians create and perform in exchange for a variety of services donated by doctors, dentists and complementary care providers.


  • Help O+ audiences access the breadth of wellness services &¬†healing modalities locally available
  • Commission work from artists who are marginalized and/or underrepresented
  • Curate public art that reflects the history and culture of our diverse communities
  • Share inspiring words of poets, writers and musicians
  • Connect our alumni to commissions with health and wellness institutions
  • Collaborate with The Actors Fund to make the Affordable Care Act more accessible
  • Use our collective talents to heal and strengthen the neighborhoods that we call home
  • Make long-term artistic and tourism/economic contribution to our festival cities

Festival Cities

2017 Haverhill, MA; Poughkeepsie, NY; Kingston, NY
2016 Chicago, The Bronx, NY; Kingston, NY; Petaluma, CA
2015 Chicago, Kingston, NY & Petaluma, CA
2014 Kingston, NY & Petaluma, CA
2013 Kingston, NY & San Francisco
2012 Kingston, NY
2011 Kingston, NY
2010 Kingston, NY
Contact Us

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