Kara Blake, LCSW

Kara Blake is a Social Worker currently residing in Haverhill. She was born and raised on Cape Cod, and has lived and been educated in Boston and New York City. She holds a masters in social work [...]

Severing Entanglements

We develop energetic entanglements with others over time, the person who cut you off on the road that you can’t stop thinking about, the kid who bags your groceries and puts the eggs on the [...]

Sherryl Comeau

Biofield Tuning can relieve the physical and emotional effects of stress. It strengthens any healing process from chronic illness to emotional imbalance. It promotes relaxation and pain [...]

Anne Bloom

Anne Bloom is a licensed massage therapist, choreographer, performer, and mother.She has 15 years of experience in massage with training in Shiatsu, Thai, Reflexology, sports massage, and deep [...]

Param Sevak

Param Sevak spent over 10 years on her spiritual and yogic journey searching for a way to serve the community and world around. She began her journey of service receiving her Master’s of [...]