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O+ Plans Post-Election Forum on Future of Healthcare

O+ Plans Post-Election Forum on Future of Healthcare

A message from Executive Director Joe Concra:

Dear supporters,

The recent presidential election has brought many complex issues to the forefront, and the O+ Festival community of artists, musicians, writers and healers share your concerns. O+ has been and will continue to be a nonprofit focused on empowering communities to take control of their collective wellbeing.

As artist-activists we resolve to:

  • connect creatives and volunteers with yearround health and wellness care.
  • help our audiences access the breadth of wellness services and healing modalities locally available to them.
  • commission work from artists who are marginalized and/or underrepresented.
  • curate public art that reflects the history and culture of our diverse communities.
  • share inspiring words of poets, writers and musicians.
  • use our collective talents to heal and strengthen the neighborhoods that we call home.

We are working on an O+ public forum on the future of healthcare in January 2017 at a venue in Kingston, NY. We welcome your questions and concerns related to the status of your healthcare and the Affordable Care Act as we build our program and identify the community resources available to facilitate this important discussion around complex insurance questions, calls to action and hope. Please email: and share your suggestions.

We are so grateful for your continued support of our mission. Now more than ever we must work hard and work together to Apply Pressure and Elevate.

Joe Concra, Mission Control


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