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Brendan Bo O'Connor & Liam Singer

Bren (project lead, minigolf frankenstein) is an assistant professor in psychology and neuroscience directing the Imagination & Moral Cognition Lab at SUNY Albany, a member of the Purpose Co-operative makerspace, and apprentices and works closely with Processional Arts Workshop (e.g., puppeteering a butterfly for the Great Pollinator Ramble at Thomas Cole, serving as a tech marshal for the NYC Halloween Parade and Rhinebeck’s SinterKlaas Parade).

Liam (project co-lead, mingolf igor) and his wife have built and operate two businesses in Catskill – Hilo, a cafe/art gallery, and The Avalon Lounge, a Korean restaurant/performance venue – which has given him several years of real-world experience in executing projects and bringing wild ideas alive while keeping an eye on the pragmatic fundamentals.