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Chewy Altamirano

The Orange Manatee has set on an adventure around Kingston and along the way, they have stopped ten times.

An interactive series of murals inviting festival goers to journey Kingston with The Orange Manatee.

“It brings me so much happiness whenever a smile is brought to someone’s face after they take a look at one of my Orange Manatees. I view this mural as a gift of joy to a city that has brought me so much joy and fulfillment. I like to think that The Orange Manatee can be understood by the masses. It does not matter who you are, how old you are, or how you identify. The Orange Manatee is for you and embraces you. I want people to feel understood and supported when they walk past my Orange Manatees. That has always been my mission in art. During a weekend of art and wellness, I want my Orange Manatees to add to the mental wellness and happiness to all festival goers and spectators alike”.

Chewy Altamirano is  most well known for his Orange Manatees. He has been creating Orange Manatees for close to a decade now. The mission behind his artwork is to bring joy and a sense of welcoming and warmth to anyone who may glance over to it. What started in the borders of spiral notebooks in high school, now is being displayed in galleries. Over the years The Orange Manatee has opened many doors for Chewy and offered him many opportunities. Most importantly The Orange Manatee has brought smiles to hundreds of people and it is his mission to have that continue throughout the years.