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David Najib Kasir

David Najib Kasir is an Artist/Painter/Muralist/Curator who lives and works in Milwaukee WI. His work comprises of personal narratives in life and cultural history or events. In recent years, Kasir’s work draws from stories from his parents’ journey to the U.S. and the current crisis from where they migrated from (Syria-Mother/Iraq- Father). As an American born artists, Kasir reveals his cultural identity in paint and designs to inform the viewers on the recent wars in Syria, in hopes viewers can grow an understanding of the millions of voiceless Arabs now living in chaos and disarray. By using beautiful traditional Arab designs called Zellige to dress the figures in his work, Kasir shows the beauty of a culture and the tragedy as families try to hold on to it and hold on to each other as everything around them falls apart. Kasir has a BFA in painting from Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design from 2001 and the proud father of two teenage daughters (one being an artist herself).