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Donna Mikkelsen

“Collaborative Symmetry” is an interactive art experience that explores symmetry drawing as a means to wellbeing, creative personal realization and community building. It is a wonderful way for strangers to get to know each other, for families to work together, for couples to deepen their bonds, co-workers develop their team building skills through drawing together. Collaborative Symmetry in the theme of “X” : Process: @10-20 mins Art Making: @15-30 mins Participants will  start off symmetry drawing individually to release any inhibitions and bring participants into a balanced state of awareness. Then they begin to work collaboratively. First, working with partners and then building up to drawing in groups of four. Collaborative Symmetry with groups of four create an organic X shape! Once the groups have had some time to work together, each group will be given a large paper and paint pens to create an ephemeral piece of collaborative art. These 4’x4′ collaborative paper “flags” will be hung or strung up in a suitable location. Collaborative Symmetry naturally creates a space where art, well being and community intersect. Participants can also experiment with some 5 person drawings “10 hands for 10 years!” 

Donna has had a little obsession with ambidexterity since she was a small child so it wasn’t completely out the blue when at 19 years old she picked up two pens and started to draw. Something just clicked. Her brain switched on in a new way and she has been exploring symmetry drawing ever since. Symmetry drawing engages both hemispheres of the brain. It creates a balanced, happy, meditative state and has become part of her  daily practice. Donna uses it as a way to connect to her inner worlds, to listen to her body and give expression to things ordinarily unseen.