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Florencia Fridman -- Cacao Ceremony with Cacao Lab

ExplO+re Class: Cacao Ceremony

Join us for a Cacao ceremony with Cacao Laboratory where we will explore the history and benefits of Theobroma Cacao followed by a guided sound meditation with Florencia Fridman.

Florencia is the co-Founder of Cacao Lab, a Ceremonial Cacao brand. She is a self-empowerment artist working with heart opening therapies involving Ceremonial Grade Cacao, yoga, sound journeys, and breath as instruments for transformation. She was born in Argentina and is passionate about supporting the voices of indigenous nations, wisdom keepers, and guardians of the sacred lands of central and south America. She has worked with Mayan elders from Guatemala and the Sapara Nation of Ecuador for many years. Florencia travels internationally, sharing her passion for Theobroma Cacao. Florencia opened for Deepak Chopra and facilitated ceremonies for the corporate world at Spotify. She was a ceremony guide resident at The Assemblage, NYC.