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Jaguar Mary X -- Speaking into the Air

ExplO+re Class: Speaking into the Air: Exploring the Creative Potential of Gibberish

During this workshop we’ll discover, through fun exercises and vocal experiments, how to unlock the imagination and the voice by playing with indecipherable language. You’ll learn how to allow your voice and heart to move without the constraints of tongue regimentation or pressure to be understood. You’ll get to discover what the secret, intimate sounds your body enjoys hearing. Speaking no-sense is a healing and liberatory practice that helps the mind find equilibrium between structure and flow. Self-created language is a tool that can be used to self-soothe, diminish over-active thought patterns, and release constraints in the throat and heart chakras.

Jaguar Mary X is a glossolalia vocalist and ritual performance artist based in Kingston. Their healing work explores the visible and invisible realms through sound and meditation. They make hand-crafted incense from mugwort and believe that plant scents and wisps of smoke open portals to deeper intuition.
Photo by

Artemisia Negra, LLC