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Jesse Ohliger

Jeet Kune Do
Jeet Kune Do or The Way of the Intercepting Fist is a martial art founded by the great martial artist, philosopher and actor, Bruce Lee. Sometimes referred to as “Scientific Street Fighting”, Jeet Kune Do uses the principles of bio-mechanics to develop the practitioner into a skilled martial artist for self-defense with simple, effective and highly refined combat skills. Learning and understanding the “roots” or fundamentals of human movement for the martial arts is the foundation for the skilled martial artist. Jeet Kune Do practitioners develop their physical tools to kick, punch, trap and ground fight in all three ranges of distance; long, medium and close, at high proficiency. Unlike most martial arts schools, Nirvana JKD Society does not train members for combat sport competition but for real life situations so that they can protect themselves and loved ones. As a Nirvana JKD Society member you can expect to learn the following; Verbal and non-verbal de-escalation skills for violence prevention, Jeet Kune Do philosophy, mindful awareness, punching, kicking, Trapping Hands, Ground-fighting, Simultaneous defense and attack (counter-attacking), principles of bio-mechanics to develop explosive speed and power, body conditioning for martial arts, strength and mobility, weapons training and defense and much more! Have a chat with head instructor Jesse Ohliger to learn more about what Nirvana Jeet Kune Do Society has to offer you

Please wear comfortable clothing and sneakers suitable for exercise/training