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Jesse Thundermoon — Qigong Breathing

Jesse Thundermoon -- Qigong Breathing

ExplO+re Class: Qigong Breathing

Breath is the root of life. The Daoist saying, “One can live for weeks without food, and for days without water, but only minutes without air,” emphasizes the importance of breath work to life and well being. Breath is the foundation of Qi, and the bridge to relaxation and enlightenment. In this workshop the mechanics of Daoist breathing will be taught and how they can transform your sitting, standing or movement based practice and life.

JJesse Thundermoon is a certified instructor, a top student of Grandmaster C.K. Chu. and a daily practitioner since 1998. He has taught hundreds of students Tai Chi & Qigong in New York City at C.K. Chu Tai Chi and the Tai Chi Chuan Center of New York. He was a founding instructor of the popular Bryant Park Tai Chi program, and a 2019 Baguazhang Silver Medalist and 2005 Tai Chi Push Hands Bronze Medalist in the International Kuoshu competition.

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