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Leah Hirsch -- Yoga Fundamentals

ExplO+re Class: Yoga Fundamentals

Are you yoga-curious? Or perhaps, yoga-avoidant? Join us for a light-hearted exploration of how moving and breathing with purpose on your mat can help you to prevent injury, increase range of motion, improve stability, and develop strength. While no yoga poses will be graded, you will earn bonus points if you leave class with a calm mind. This class is designed for beginners, though yogis of all levels are welcome.

Leah Hirsch is a yoga instructor from Shakti Yoga of Woodstock. When she’s not on her mat you can find her in the mountains, strolling with her dog by the reservoir, or being comically bad at making things on a pottery wheel. She once completed a 50-mile ultra marathon and credits yoga with helping her to finish it. She’s also pretty sure it was a one time thing.