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“They are the band your big brother listened to, the band your dad loved, the one your sister lost her virginity to, the one your mother screamed for to be turned down, the one you always wanted to be in.”
Frazer Jones from

“This band have a lot going for them. The vocals from Earl are impressive throughout and the instrumental work is just so damn good!
I’ve heard these guys being compared to Graveyard, Mastodon, Clutch and Sabbath, so it tells you how expansive their sound actually is. Shadow Witch are worth giving a damn about.”
“Shadow Witch have huge potential here and I think we could be hearing a lot more of these guys in the years to come.”
“Shadow Witch play to their strengths as they deliver an album that is all killer and no filler. This album is a serious statement of intent and it will end up as one of my favorite albums of the year “
Steve Howe from

“Shadow Witch have been listening to old school hard rock, doom metal, stoner rock and grunge a lot in their days and now translate all those influences into their own sound. That sound contains loads of fuzz, fingerlicking riffs and damn great vocals. ”
Title track ‘Sun Killer’ does the trick, blending vintage doom metal with elements from grunge, as if Alice In Chains & Soundgarden invaded Candlemass’ recording studio.”
Serge from