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The Wilful Boys

The Wilful Boys

“They sound… Australian.”
– DJ Drew Redmond

“Rough As Guts, lives up to its name, with one mud-crusted boot in ’70s hard rock and another in punk-splattered ’90s noise-rock.”
– Lars Gotrich, NPR

“For the few mining the post-pig fuck sound of mid-’90s Amphetamine Reptile Records (and there are some), few make the brutal redux swing like this newbie Brooklyn bunch.”
– Eric Davidson, CMJ

“..the noisier and angrier songs such as the title track and “Take It Easy” are delivered with a full pint of piss to the head , a kind of love that is a welcome surprise around here.”
– RO, Maximum Rock ‘n Roll

“The perfect modern companion to the Cosmic Psychos and Easy Action records that helped countless young men grow chest hair in the ’90s.”
– Yellow Green Red