Adrian Aardvark offers a unique brand of rock and roll that is highly energetic, completed with theatrics, introspective lyrics, and solid grooves. The Plattsburgh, New York 4-piece is fronted by songwriter Christopher Jay Stott-Rigsbee and accompanied by Shannon Stott-Rigsbee on violin, Catherine Harrison-Wurster on upright bass, and Christopher Lee Shacklett on drums.

Adrian Aardvark’s forthcoming album Dying Optimistically embraces unequivocal passion in an ongoing search for good in the human condition. In the sprightly backdrop of Adrian Aardvark’s songscape, the group strives to atone with the world at large. Imagine the chaotic energy of The Cramps counterbalanced by the emotive fragility of Daniel Johnston — battles against anxiety, depression, and sexual identity are contrasted by explorations of romantic love and acceptance of the self, amplified in a wall of energy. The album was produced by Brendon Massei of Viking Moses in Baltimore, Maryland. Lush string arrangements, enticing drumming, and anthemic vocals showcase the collaborators’ creative dynamism. The bizarre and loving beauty of this record is visually supplemented by Jon Vermilyea’s surreal album artwork.