[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]My creatures are my energy; my ‘Optimistic Rebels’ filled with imagination, curiosity, emotions and ambition. I create my creatures to inspire, to connect, and to share my life experiences — all with the greater purpose of positively impacting reality with others.

I am driven by Optimism the (art) movement and always seek to include International Optimism Yellow (‘INT-O Yellow’) into my work. INT-O Yellow is a color that was developed by fellow artist, Uncle Riley and UMEWE, the art and design social benefit collaborative, as a platform to work in solidarity with other artists to brighten the world and bring awareness to Depression cause.

There’s not much rhyme and not much reason in the world these days, but there are definitely rhythms. Vibrations emanating and bouncing off one another, the basics of life and connectivity.

As a dancer I feeeel these vibration, as a artist I generate these vibrations.

Perhaps when we find our purpose, we have found the most focused vibration and the frequency which transform us on an atomic level.

It is through this focused vibration that I have conceived my piece. It is an honor to be part of this project and I and delighted to share and unleash my Optimistic creatures on the 69th floor!

About Boogie:
Japanese American Street-artist who crafts detailed imaginary creatures, flowing abstractions and fun-loving characters. Her body of work taps into the flow of the streets, the vibrations of dance culture and blends the technical mastery of traditional Japanese prints with urban imagery, materials and locations.


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