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It’s a crazy time to be here and the world around us can feel like it’s tilting on its axis, but we can find balance amidst the chaos and in fact, to be effective, it’s important that we do find balance. Join Christine Agro, Spiritual Teacher and Clairvoyant, for a look at how and why we get off balance, and then dive into a series of energetic tools to help you align with certainty, truth and inner peace. Christine offers simple tools for challenging times.

Christine Agro is a Spiritual Teacher and Clairvoyant and she is the creator of The Awaken Method, a simple process to help you step into the flow and create a life that you love. Christine has been gathering her own universal information about why we are here, how we learn, and what we need to know, from as early as age 7. As an ‘old soul’, her ability to see and understand our human journey has helped thousands to step into awareness. Christine has been written about and cited in a bunch of places, you may have seen her on TV or not, but the important thing is, if you feel drawn to work with her, she’s interested in meeting you.

Awaken with Christine Agro