[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It’s a weathered, twangy upright piano straining the old barn floorboards beneath it, stoic and waiting for the next soulful awakening. It’s the steel rails that restrain the power of an electrifying guitar like a freight train cutting across the vast and varied countryside. It is an homage to old America: sophisticated, meticulously crafted, and tough as shit. It’s an energetic fever pitch, channeled into the razor-sharp focus and discerning taste of a connoisseur.

J.K. Vanderbilt is a true son of the Hudson Valley with his feet firmly planted on both sides of the tracks. You may find him professionally preparing drinks or lovingly making food as Josh Rosenmeier. Share a meal with him and be prepared to feast into the early morning. A wild spirit of electricity splitting at the seams, unharnessed yet still refined, he doesn’t write songs because he wants to. He does it because he has to. You can hear it in every syllable of every sung word, in the intensity of every instrument (all played by J.K. Vanderbilt himself). This is How To Build A Fire, J.K. Vanderbilt’s debut album, recorded and produced by Chris Hansen and Matt Pond and being released in early 2017, and “Shine a Light” is the first single.