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Class Description:

“Activism itself can generate hope because it already constitutes an alternative and turns away from the corruption at the center to face the wild possibilities at the edges or at your side.” Rebecca Solnit, Hope in the Dark

1. Lay out the importance of hope and community to physical and mental wellbeing
2. Lay out the importance of universal access to quality health care and how a single payer system can accomplish that
3. Give overview of the NY Health Act and how close we are to passing a single payer bill in NY
4. Offer concrete ways people can connect to causes that matter to them and leverage activism as a path to health and wellness using our cause as an example
Workshop outline:
1. Introduction of facilitators and participants – name and cause that is important to you
2. Overview of the importance of hope and community to health – use interactive modalities to connect people to their own experience of hope and how it feels and offer research to support how health and hope and health and community are connected
3. Ten minute presentation on the NY Health Act and single payer system (can be done as a powerpoint) and short explanation of the community now active and inspired in Ulster county
4. How to get involved – we will offer people the opportunity to fill out cards or call their reps but also lay out some ways to get a community around you inspired to take action on the cause that matters most to them



About the Campaign for NY Health:
The Campaign for New York Health is a statewide coalition dedicated to passing and implementing legislation for universal healthcare in New York State. We represent over 150 community and labor organizations made up of nurses, teachers, patients, doctors, union members, business leaders, faith and immigrant rights community, progressive political organizations, healthcare advocates and providers. Healthcare is a human right that should be accessible to all of us, not just those who can afford to pay.

About Jess, the facilitator:
I have always wanted to be of part of making the world a better place. Discovering what that means has been a life long journey through many relationships, employment, and life experiences . I have been a child care provider, a housekeeper, a camp counselor, a health educator, a youth group facilitator, a case manager, an administrator, an energy and body worker, a mental health crisis worker, an RN, and now a holistic wellness advocate. What I have learned by working with people using a variety of modalities is that everyone needs support to navigate life’s challenges. I now deeply believe that the most helpful thing I can do in any role is to be present with people as they become ready and willing to transform the circumstances of their life – whether those circumstances are related to health, emotion, career, finances, relationship status, etc. My role as a wellness advocate is to create a physical, psychic and energetic space where my clients feel supported on multiple levels so that transformation can happen.


Campaign for NY Health/ Jess Robie, Volunteer



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