Karma Darwin was formed early 2013 in Brewster, NY. The band consists of Alex Peterson on Guitar and Vocals, Drew Stubbs-Stroud on Guitar and Vocals, John Newton on Bass and Back-up vocals, and Ryan Lowry on Drums. The self-titled album, “KARMA DARWIN”, consists of 18 songs written by Peterson, Stubbs-Stroud, and Newton and is absolutely brought to life by the voices of Peterson and Stubbs-Stroud. The vocal harmonies, reminiscent of 50’s, 60’s style rock-n-roll with a breath of new life, illustrate a journey of love through the end of the world that is driven by the rhythms from Newton and Lowry. The two guitarists display mastery of their instruments on the record, and in live performances, through the epic solos that reflect and enhance the energy of the story they weave. The chemistry from the band as a unit is obvious every time they play and the shows only get better and better.