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Liz Barone: Group Therapy Session open to the public

Liz Barone: Group Therapy Session open to the public

6:30 PM May 9th / May 30 / June 20 with Liz Barone LMHC CASAC

May 9 – Understanding and coping with anxiety: a cognitive behavioral approach (CBT)

  1. Identify and understand common patterns and beliefs triggering anxiety
  2. Avoidance (part of the problem and not the solution)
  3. Learn to differentiate unhelpful worry verses problem solving
  4. What goes on in the body during a panic/ anxiety attack and what can we do about it

May 30 – How to have difficult conversations: DBT interpersonal skills

  1. Learn to identify different styles of communication (passive, passive aggressive assertive and aggressive)
  2. Pros and cons of each communication style
  3. Interpersonal effectiveness using DBT DEAR MAN GIVE FAST
  4. Practical applications

June 20 – Forgiveness and rushed forgiveness: conversations about trauma and healing

  1. What constitutes trauma and PTSD (BIG T little t trauma talk)
  2. Do you need to forgive in order to heal?
  3. What is rushed forgiveness and why does it happen?
  4. The role of an apology in the forgiveness process
  5. Self forgiveness in trauma work

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May 09 2024

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