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Educate & Activate is a series of forums where communities come together around the current health policies and practices at play, and mobilize. Towards this end, Educate & Activate forums bring together panels of health providers, non- profit organizations, local government leaders, educators and activists to discuss national health issues, their impact on local communities, and to convene community task forces to address them.

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O+ murals created during O+ Festivals aim to beautify each community’s environment while also representing diverse groups of community members that have been marginalized or underrepresented.  Kingston, NY currently boasts 29 wall murals to date, 12 of which reflect women of color – and mirror back community diversity and value of feminine leadership.

In the O+ Mural Tours, O+ will provide tours of each of the cities in which the O+ Festivals take place — bringing attention to the large-scale murals that represent women/girls of color, LGBTQI groups, and the broad scope of citizens who live there, their struggles, and their human rights. With each year, and each new festival, the mural collection in each city will grow, and mural maps will be newly designed and printed to accompany these tours.

By creating tours of these prodigious artworks that represent ALL of our community members, O+ will eradicate the alienation and disunity in our neighborhoods and revitalize hope and inclusiveness.

Each year, O+ produces Mural Maps that support self-led and artist-led tours of the Murals that O+ artists have gifted to the city of Kingston over the last 8 years. Throughout the spring and fall monthly School Tours are also provided to 3rd -12th grade students and educators by O+ art directors, drawing people to outdoor the wall murals that represent diverse groups of people and subject matter.  With this mural map tour it is our goal to bring a greater understanding of this work into our schools as well as the general public, so that we can help to support the cultural expression of our area’s diverse communities.

O+ has partnered with Ulster BOCES and Teach the Hudson Valley in 2018 to extend this resource to more teachers, schools and districts.

For self-led tours, or to register for a school group tour – please contact us at

Kingston Murals

Petaluma CA, Chicago IL, Haverhill MA, Poughkeepsie NY Murals

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