This year’s theme is SHADO+W.

What can we learn by examining SHADO+W?  What beauty exists in the darkness cast? What needs to be seen?


Powerful yet immaterial, shadow describes that which is obscured from the light.  Shadow is visible but it cannot be grasped. Ever shifting in relation to the source of light, shadow dances, elusive and beguiling.


Are we living in shadow times?

What does it mean to live in the shadow of something, someone …?

Solar and lunar eclipses exemplify the power and impact potential of shadow.

Shadow tells us where the light is.

What lurks in the shadows?

Shadow is a teacher, reporting a version of what is true.

The sundial marks time in shadow.

Shadow can exaggerate and distort.

Shadow is mysterious.

To shadow is to follow closely.


By highlighting shadow we hope to gain a fuller understanding, illuminating the rich material and medicine in the fertile depths.


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