Aubrey Haddard

Indie-Soul Songstress Aubrey Haddard is taking the hearts of music lovers by storm with a sound all her own. Joined by Charley Ruddell on bass and Joshua Strmic on drums, she’s captivating audiences of the east coast with a powerful blend of alternative, indie and soul.

Stemming from the idea of the “blue part” being the hottest and most intense part of a flame, singer/songwriter Aubrey Haddard has assembled a concept album that is an unapologetic testament steeped in concepts of love and passion. Though thematically centered, Blue Part is a fearless musical venture that balances between challenging and accessible. Some say indie-soul, some say power trio, some say jazz infused alt rock, but ultimately Blue Part simmers within its own flame.

In May of 2017, the Aubrey Haddard trio began working on a full length studio album called Blue Part, a concept album steeped in the concepts of love, relationships, and passion. Now, over a year later, the trio is proud to present its debut album in tandem with Very Jazzed of French Kiss Label Group, available now at

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