Band of Others

Band of Others was founded in 2013 when two lifelong musicians, a guitarist and drummer, met on the R train while taking their daughters to school in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. They discovered a mutual affinity for the reverb drenched surf sounds and spaghetti western soundtracks of the early 60’s, outlaw country and obscure garage bands. Not satisfied with the sounds of the local music scene, they decided to start their own project and become the kind of band they had always wanted to see. They soon had their first gig, at a PTA meeting. Since then, Band of Others has become a regular on the club circuit in Brooklyn and Manhattan, playing at Freddy’s, Hank’s, The Cobra Club, Black Bear and the Way Station in Brooklyn, Desmond’s Tavern, Otto’s Shrunken Head, Pianos, The Shrine and Leftfield Bar in Manhattan, performing both as a band and as sidemen in various projects.
Band of Others features Bobby Other on guitar and lead vocals, Danny Other on drums and vocals and Chico Otro on rhythm guitar and vocals and Johnny Other on bass. “All of our originals are either biographical or carry a social message,” said Bobby Other. “We’re too old to write love songs about teenage girls, and we don’t hear a lot of politically conscious songs, or songs with grown up subject matter these days, so we decided to fill that gap ourselves.”

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