Cave Dogs

Cave Dogs presents a startling original way of telling a story by combining elements shadow performance and technology. Cave Dogs work involves combining movement, form, manipulated light and shadow to explore the process of creating unusual and surprising visual effects and produce imagery that consistently delights and challenges the viewer. We coax trees to grow and teach whales to sing.

Cave Dogs members are Suzanne Stokes, James Fossett, Ted Conway, Douglas Keller, Adam Mastropaolo and Trudy Trutwin. Grammy Award winner Dean Jones created the soundtrack. Cave Dogs is based in New York’s Hudson Valley. We show both nationally and internationally.

Cave Dogs have received multiple grants from both The Jim Henson Foundation (NYC), and Franklin Furnace (NYC).

Cave Dogs performances include: Liquid States (2017), Sure-Minded Uncertainties (2013), Archaeology of a Storm (2008), Ferrous City (2002), How to Build a Raft (1998), Emily’s Circus (1994), Sustenance (1993), Fall of Perception (1992), and Shadows of Doubt and Other Precarious Truths (1991).

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