Chris Brandon Whitaker

    Three Treasures Qigong

    Class Description:

    Qigong instructor Chris Brandon Whitaker will guide you through the Three Treasures Qigong form, a gentle set of exercises that naturally heals the body, balances the emotions, sharpens the mind, and raises consciousness. Qigong is an ancient practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a holistic wellness system that combines Posture, Breathing, Meditation, Visualization, Movement, and Self-massage to achieve optimal health.



    Chris Brandon Whitaker is a certified level II qigong instructor from the Tai Chi & Qigong Healing Institute. He teaches qigong and meditation at SUNY New Paltz, Yoga on the Wallkill and spiritual retreats at Linwood and Graymoor.


    Qigong Smile


    229 Main Street

    Kingston, NY 12401

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