Christina Votra

Provider bio: Christina Votra, B.S., Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, Health Coach, Human Design Reflector, DoTerra Wellness Advocate

Are you feeling stuck with your health, relationships, career, finances or creativity? When your energy is stuck you can feel stressed, exhausted and overwhelmed. You’re aware that you’re not functioning at full capacity and know that you’re capable of so much more! Christina will work with you to remove energetic blocks, move stuck energy, clear your chakras and give you tools to help facilitate your path to health and wellness.

Christina has been an avid student of energy, healing modalities, and general well-being for over fifteen years. She holds a B.S. with a concentration in Business Management from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, A Shamanic Practitioner Certification from Spirit Hollow-Seeing With the Heart Program and a Health Coach Certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

In a private session, Christina holds an energetic healing space that empowers and encourages energy awareness and improved well-being. She will guide you into a place of inner harmony, where spiritual healing and self-improvement can take place. Each session will be tailored to your own specific needs. You will come away from a session with what is most beneficial for you and your soul’s highest good. For more information, visit

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