ericabvrreto / “Creativity Capsule”

As a writer, ericabvrreto values the art of expression as a tool to incite positive change. Her most recent work embodies a playful mix of formal, aesthetic and “rule-breaking” strategies. She experiments with hybrid poetics and “genre-bending” practices to rewrite and revitalize readers’ regard for the power of language.

As a maker, ericabvrreto actively exercises her passions for the arts, experiential learning, and audience engagement throughout her many community-based projects, workshop facilitation, and creative placemaking opportunities.

As a creative arts educator, ericabvrreto aspires to collaboratively increase educational access and possibilities for engagement with the arts in her community. Her experience in this field is especially focused on the humanities, interdisciplinary and cross-sector connections, multicultural awareness, as well as efforts to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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