Leah Gooch

Leah Gooch, Yoga Teacher | Energy Work,OTHER

Leah spent eight invigorating years teaching art in New York City schools. While she loved sharing art with students and working with her colleagues, her daily yoga and meditation practiced was slowly transforming her life and she felt the need to delve into a deeper understanding and potentially how to share that understanding with others. She left New York City with a backpack and an open mind. After seven months of learning, teaching, and exploring in Peru and Colombia she returned to her birthplace in upstate New York.
Her classes vary between muscle toning Vinyasa, meditative Hatha, and relaxing Yin with Reiki energy healing. She fully believes that practicing yoga increases ones ability to connect with their breath and body, thus approaching awareness of one’s existence. These tools offered can help one tap into one’s dormant and infinite potential.


Four Minutes A Day


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