For over 30 years Amadou Diallo studied the rythms of Senegal, Mali and Guinea. People thought he was crazy, everyday singing and playing the Sufi drum (Hrim) on the streets of Dakar, Senegal.

But that was where he wrote so many of M’Bollo’s songs, and he knew one day he would bring his music to a wider audience.

Then in 2001 a miracle happened, and he got a contract to come to the U.S. playing djembe with the African Ballet Bugerabou.

Amadou settled in Rosendale, NY and in 2010 formed M’Bollo with local musicians The Schikowitz brothers.

Mbollo means “be together” and the music brings together the rich tapestry of African rhythms with western instruments and styles.

Together they reunite the western instruments with their African roots. The bass singing the “dun dun” (African bass drum ) and the banjo singing like “Ekonting”( ancient African banjo)

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