In an interview with The Village Voice before the release of their last album, Monogold told the Internet “We’re a fucking rock band.” Since the release of 2015’s “Good Heavens” (which was Monogold’s acoustic-based effort) they have torn down any preconceived notions that they or anyone else had of them. After completely stripping down their sound for “Good Heavens”, the Monogold boys took this new foundation of simplicity and started building with their signature, catchy power-trio melodies and hooks. They still like to go deep on the lush soundscapes, but their songs have become a bit more focused and driven by the instrumentation and the vocals.

With their new EP – Yolk, Kelly, Apuzzo, and Falotico are giving the world a small taste of what is to come in the future of the band. The four song EP is a prelude to another full length record which is in the process of being mixed right now. As with their new found musical simplicity, the lyrical content will tackle the simple things: breastfeeding, giving birth, being born, fucking, bugs, and of course, penises and vaginas meeting for the first time.

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