Nick Stanley

Fueled by raw emotion and vulnerability, Nick Stanley, a singer/songwriter from North Adams, turns mental health struggles into explosive and poetic soundscapes filled with self-reflective lyrics.

Nick is currently in the process of self-recording and producing his debut EP “Monsters”, which–for the listener– is an audio journey filled with grungy-rock-tones, lined with sweet ambient waves that take you down his rabbit hole of self discovery and healing.

“What started out as an idea for an album, turned itself into an unexpected -yet incredible- spiritual journey of self-discovery, growth and healing. I have finally found my voice after years of swimming through a sea of self-doubt, depression, anxiety, OCD, and PTSD. There is such an unfortunate and negative stigma associated with Mental Health, and few people feel comfortable talking about it, but talking about it is truly essential for the better health of us all.”

The first installments of this album came together when Nick finally opened up after being in a constant daily depressive state.
In a ‘sink-or-swim’ fashion, Nick started to journalize his thoughts in a poetic/song structure that inevitably became his healing process.

“I really enjoy the journey, from writing lyrics to tweaking my effects and cranking it all through old tube amps. I truly love the tone search, to experiment and create something new. I often find myself lost in the ‘wall of sound’ for hours.”

“In a society that lives for everyone else. Embrace Yourself. Be your own voice.” -Nick Stanley

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