Samuel Claiborne

Samuel Claiborne – Ortho-Bionomist & Co-Creative Healer | Energy Work,OTHER

Samuel Claiborne has been doing shamanic and healing work since childhood, using several modalities he was born with. In addition, he has been studying and using Ortho-Bionomy, a descendant of Osteopathy founded by Dr. Arthur Lincoln Pauls, in his practice since 2009. He defines Ortho-Bionomy as: “Physical and energetic modeling to the body of its own misalignments and constrictions so that it may self-correct.” He defines his practice as “Co-Creative, Intuitive, Gentle, Respectful, Spiritual yet grounded in neuro-physiology, suitable for everything from a broken soul to a broken heart to a broken arm.”


Samuel Claiborne Co-Creative Healing

PO Box 509, High Falls New York 12440

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