Here are just a few examples of how your support will make a difference:

$5 a month: Supplies underinsured artists and musicians with materials to create public work in exchange for care

$10 a month: Cultivates a culture of care by supporting an arts or wellness class for the community

$25 a month: Enhances the careers of local artists and musicians through access to teaching or learning from a professional development or occupational wellness workshop

$50 a month (Lifeblood Bundle): Supports the production of a new mural in Kingston.

$200 a month: Moves us towards the goal of building a year-round O+ clinic space for local creative professionals

“It had been over a decade since I was able to access preventative treatment and the warm feeling of being taken care of was really overwhelming. I am grateful to all the organizers and volunteers at O+ Festival for what they do.”

– Treya Lam


The O+ Festival relies on the people in our community to move it forward. We ask volunteers to sign up for at least one four-hour commitment in an assigned volunteer position during the three-day festival weekend. Be part of something amazing — you won’t regret it!

As a thank you for the donation of time and talent, volunteers who work four hours receive an O+ t-shirt and those volunteering for eight hours are able to access the O+ Artists’ Clinic for an appointment.


Our sponsors and partners connect with O+ because our work and mission complement their core values. To learn more about opportunities for engagement with our art, music and wellness festivals or yearround programming, contact an O+ liaison below:


Director of CO+nnection Joe Concra:

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