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O+ Exchange Clinic

Our New Year-Round Clinic

O+ Exchange Clinic, located at 36 St. James Street in Kingston, offers a radical alternative to our current healthcare model – one that prioritizes both the preventive and curative aspects of care, and that values the individual and their contributions to the collective. In August of 2023 O+ signed a lease to the new clinic space in Midtown Kingston. Just a few months later, in partnership with Dr. Lizette Edge, we received our license from the State of New York – Medicine for Artists, PLLC.

This new space is modeled after The Artists’ Clinic, which is at the heart of the three-day O+ Festival each year. In the Artists’ Clinic, all O+ participants and volunteers receive both primary and alternative care services in exchange for their contributions to the festival and community.

O+ Exchange Clinic, builds upon that model of exchange. As part of our year-round clinic, O+ alumni are invited to contribute to our evolving exchange platform – that could mean donating tickets to a show, offering lessons, or contributing a skill or service – and from there can also request access to a variety of health services. Current services include primary care, bodywork, dentistry, and mental health counseling. This list will continue to evolve as we expand our network of providers.

In addition to health & wellness services, the new clinic is also a community hub – a space that can be used to host exhibitions, workshops, and live music to help foster deeper connections between the creative community in Kingston.

Check out the calendar to see current events in the space and available wellness appointments or contact us directly if you’re an O+ alumni seeking care, or are interested in utilizing the space or participating in our exchange pilot program.