Alumni Contact Info

Staying in touch with O+ means that we can reach out to you to schedule a primary care visit or make you aware of everything being offered through our new year-round O+ Exchange Clinic. We make it easy: Alumni artists, musicians and providers fill out the form below to send us your most up to date contact info. In turn, you will get regular updates from O+ about scheduling, opportunities, services and appointments as they become available. By answering these questions, you are also helping O+ raise much-needed funds for our year-round clinic, public arts programming, and Festival activities. Thank you for connecting with O+!

*All information you share with us is confidential and will only be used to communicate with you or for grant writing/reporting.

Self-identity section
Please only answer these questions if you are comfortable doing so! As with all the questions on this form, we are asking for this demographic information specifically for grant writing/reporting purposes.