O+ Radio Hour

The O+ Radio Hour, a weekly conversation about art, music, wellness and activism at the intersection of community, launched in early 2018 on the nonprofit Radio Kingston.

Each Tuesday night episode features compelling interviews with creatives, activists and policymakers, health and wellness tips from providers, and music curated by different members of the O+ team. And once a month the show does a deep dive into the music and hosts O+ alumni bands for in-studio performances. Producing this show has allowed O+ to make the case yearround for localizing our country’s health and wellness system — one town at a time.

COVID-19 Hiatus

starting march 17, 2020

The O+ Radio Hour will be on hiatus in order to protect the health of all the Radio Kingston hosts and essential-to-the-facility staff. A small number of full-time Radio Kingston staff are broadcasting coverage of the pandemic and the community response during this time.