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Video: Amanda Palmer In Conversation at O+ Kingston

Singer-songwriter, “The Art of Asking” author and Catskills resident Amanda Palmer set the community-centered, revolutionary tone of the eighth annual O+ weekend Oct. 6-8, 2017 with a performance (featuring her dad Jack Palmer) and conversation with Radio Kingston‘s Jimmy Buff and O+ Executive Director Joe Concra (with a cameo by O+ dentist Dr. Bruce Milner) at BSP Kingston.

“Every day it gets a little weirder and a little worse, and I feel like I’m living in a movie. Then I come out and I see things like this; stark reminders of sanity and stark reminders that actually the vast majority of people — and people in this country — are good and will help each other, and do want to be connected and do want to care for each other. We just need so much more of this, and more of what we are doing tonight; not just as a special event, but as a daily occurrence.” — Amanda Palmer at BSP Kingston

Watch the video of the inspiring conversation (warning: joyful swearing!) here.

Thank you to O+ volunteer Front Row Dave for the videography and editing.