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Cooking Classes with Andrea Lubrano

Vegan Cheeses

Chef Lubrano will demo her famous cashew-based Queso Dip from the menu at Black Flamingo, Brooklyn as well as the Tofu Feta from the Catskill Animal Sanctuary’s incredible plant-based cookbook, Compassionate Cuisine.

Mental Health & Nutrition

Open forum Q&A discussing direct correlation between what we eat and how we feel. Discussion to include common pantry items that can be used to improve nutrition, how to read food labels, pre & post-natal nourishment, replenishing system after antibiotics, and food’s effect on sexual drive.

Chef Andrea Lubrano came to realize that food is the most important way in which she relates to the world. Cooking for others, sharing a meal, the passing down of food traditions, are all a vehicle for human-connection. Lubrano needed more, so she turned her passion for healthy and culturally sensitive eating into something bigger. In 2014, she obtained her Masters degree in Gastronomy from Boston University and later her chef’s certificate from the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts. Since, she has opened 2 kitchens in Brooklyn, New York: Sunrise/Sunset and Black Flamingo, where she is part-owner with her husband Eli Goldstein of the world celebrated DJ duo Soul Clap.