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George Guarino, CH

George Guarino, CH is a master of the Hypnotic Mindscaping process and creator of Pictrance, his own process for using pictures as a focus point to trance and hypnosis to enhance change, manage stress, change habits and stimulate generative skills.

Certified through the National Guild of Hypnotist in 2005, George has gone on to work with and study from some of the most outstanding and well respected leaders in the field, including: Mike Mandel, Melissa Tiers, John Overdurf, Karl Smith, James Tripp and Cal Banyan.

George has presented numerous workshops and techniques at the two largest yearly hypnosis conventions in America; HypnoThoughts-Live and the NGH convention. He is a hypnosis trainer and leader of the Hypnosis Works Well monthly meetup in Albany, NY.

Hypnosis Works Well