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Heidi Reagan CPC

Certified Coach Practitioner and Energy Worker

HEIDI REAGAN holds the space for your own inherent creativity to emerge. A transformational leader, Heidi is able to see your personal illumination and help you shift into who you already are (and always have been). It doesn’t matter if you may have overlooked or forgotten your inner powers. It is within this chaos of uncertainly, self-doubt, confusion and even despair, that the creative forces of change reside. Heidi is the Insightful Muse with pragmatic tools, fine-honed over ten years of practice, research and development, that you can use to guide and change your own destiny.

Heidi’s specialty is working with men and women through life transitions and helping to connect them with bigger possibilities. Finding balance and establishing boundaries have been Heidi’s life lessons. Spiritual growth and studies have been her passion and her life purpose is to live with strength and clarity.

Sequences in Time and Space: Unearthing the creative spirit within

In this workshop we will use music, visual art and language to discover and express our creative talents and abilities that may have gone unrecognized. Participants will be given a set of specific building blocks with which to work and create together a coherent, connected multimedia piece that draws on concentration, imagination and inventiveness. The goal of the workshop is to demonstrate how allowing a connection with your inner, energetic, inventive flow can be used to manifest an artistic result. And how, by extension, this process can be extrapolated into other aspects of our lives.

Choosing Expansion and Bold Passion