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Judy Nelson, MSS, CP, LCSW

Judy Nelson, MSS, CP, LCSW
Strengths-Based (Trauma-Informed) Leadership Programs (SBTILP)
Founder and Executive Director
118 S. 21st. Apt. 406
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Fulbright Specialist in Conflict Resolution/Peaceful Practices, Social-Worker, Certified Practitioner in Psycho-drama, Sociometry, and Group Psychotherapy, Social Justice Activist, Laughter Yoga Leader, Visual, Performing, and Culinary Artist Teacher who is Pioneering the Integration of Evidenced Based Practices (Peaceful Practices) in Community Programs Worldwide:

Judy Nelson, M.S.S, C.P (in Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy), LSW, LCSW is pioneer and Founder / Director of the award winning Strengths-Based (Trauma-Informed) Leadership Programs (SBTILP) Model which has birthed touring social skill programs in Philadelphia and throughout the world. SBTILP’s makes evidenced based practices fun and accessible using our 3 tier contemplative model leading to improved outcomes. SBTILP and it’s programs employs interactive exercises, cognitive models, visual, culinary and performing arts, Laughter Yoga, Novel ways to use improvisation, discussion, role-play, and sociometry as the bridge to positive human development and social change.
Judy has over 20+ years experience working with youth, adults, clinical and non-clinical leaders, business, professionals and heads of States integrating trauma – informed best practices.
She partners with local and international, groups and individuals, public and private organizations and with populations of all ages. She was granted a Fulbright Specialist award and has supported the State Department in peace missions throughout the World as an expert in Conflict Resolution.

She can be reached at:
(267) 769 – 4349