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Maggie Carpenter -- The Box | Reinventing how we care for ourselves

ExplO+re Class: The Box | Reinventing how we care for ourselves

Workshop to discuss alternatives to our patriarchal health care system, particularly concerning reproductive health. It is time for people to engage in their own health and we will discuss ways of doing so.

A family doctor with over 20 years of experience and many interests, Maggie got her BA in Russian Studies from Brown University before graduating summa cum laude from SUNY-Downstate Medical School. She completed her family practice residency at Swedish Hospital in Seattle. Before settling in the Hudson Valley, Dr. Carpenter lived and worked in Lawrence, Kansas, Wairoa, New Zealand and Brooklyn, New York. Maggie specializes in reproductive health as well as palliative care. Her passion for global health led her to start Go Doc Go in 2013, a not for profit focused on preventing cervical cancer around the world. Together with other volunteer doctors, Go Doc Go has established programs in Senegal, Ethiopia, Haiti and The Gambia.