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Neslihan Lord

Kundalini Yoga: Vibrating the Cosmos

Kundalini Yoga is comprised of thousands of different yoga sets. These are designed to obtain very specific results. Pranayama (breathing techniques), postures, and meditations may feel unconventional, but the benefits of this is that the practitioner is confronted with the choice to either respond with resistance or surrender to the experience. Any challenges experienced in Kundalini Yoga classes are to quiet the mind and emotional reactions, and rely on the body’s wisdom to keep up and heal. This powerful system of yoga is suitable for all levers, including for those who never done yoga before.



Originally from Turkey, Neslihan found her life’s true passion in yoga and art after moving to the Hudson Valley in 2002. Since her very first Kundalini Yoga class, she has been experiencing profound liberating changes, in herself and people around her, on a daily basis. She is also an artist, a dancer, and she holds degrees in both metalsmithing and atmospheric sciences. She feels fortunate to receive and share the teachings of this powerful system of yoga at a critical time in the human history. All are welcome to experience. Sat Naam (truth is who you are)


Neslihan Sukh Inder