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Uncle Riley (G. Riley Johndonnell)

G. Riley Johndonnell (aka ‘Uncle Riley’) is an artist, activist and Optimist who creates works of art which intend to generate positive energy. He co-founded UMEWE Inc. (you-me-we), a social benefit art and design collaborative, which creates civic works and new opportunities for collaboration among artists and communities.

As a participating O+ Festival artist, Uncle Riley (and UMEWE) will present three projects: 1) “INT-O Yellow” – a color-based platform developed in collaboration with Pantone for artists to make a positive social impact, 2) “Happy Spots” – Optimistic public art and physical spaces for PDH (Public Displays of Happiness) and 3) The (P)optimism Shoppe @ 622 Broadway in midtown Kingston, where all are welcome to explore and join ‘Optimism’ the art movement.