All Alum musicians, artists and practitioners were invited to submit to the gift guide. 
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Brenna Chase

Rainbow sunburst mini panel

This is an original design handcrafted using traditional copper foil stained glass methods. This panel measures approximately 10.5″ by 6″ and consists of hand-cut stained glass of stained art glass, copper foil, lead solder and rhodium chain.


Dina Kravtsov

Moon Calendar ~ 2023

Track your ebbs and flows in relation to our moon. Inspired by the bumptious underground community connected through mycelium networks, microorganisms and the rest of our fellow life forms. An honoring of our fungi, plant and animal allies that we are deeply woven amongst in the web of life.


callie mackenzie


Handmade jewelry, gift certificates for lessons, classes, parties and repairs.

Price varies

Norm Magnusson

Fine art

Pictured here: “Champs (Sharfenmonstres)”, 2019, acrylic on marché aux puces tableau, 28″ x 40″

Please visit my holiday art sale blog!

$3,200 as seen here. Various prices on the blog.

B.A. Miale

Custom projection art for events and video editing services

Custom live visuals for concerts, parties and events. Unique video editing for music videos, holiday cards, small business promotional videos

$300 and up, rate sheet available upon request

Suzanne Stokes

Monoprints 30 x 22

Monoprints featuring deep sea life from Beyond the Shore Series. Made from cotton paper and oil-based inks.

This is a small selection of a much larger ongoing series. Contact me to see more monoprints with this theme.

$400, $475 with white frame

Woodstock School of Art

Fine art instruction, gallery exhibitions

Classes in fine art, including drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture are offered year-round in fully climate-controlled studios in historic bluestone and native timber buildings. Classes are open to all, with no entrance requirements or experience necessary.

Price Varies

Scott Ackerman

Original paintings make the perfect gift for art lovers and new collectors.

$100.00 and up

This is a signed, limited edition, 16×20 inch Giclee print that’s stretched on canvas of my piece titled “Masonary Travels”


Buke and Gase

Buke and Gase merch and vinyl!

Hello y’all! I have a backlog of Buke and Gase 12″ albums, Riposte & General Dome – they seem lonely!

$20 each

Arone Dyer / Mistresses

Mistresses 12″ – Define “Relationship”

Joyful Noise helped my band *Mistresses* release this 12″ in 2019 and when the pandemic hit we were unable to tour in order to promote it!
We’d simply be overjoyed to ship some of these out. will include a note and a sticker as supplies last 🙂


Lucy Fitz Gibbon & Ryan McCullough

CD/digital download of new album for purchase

This atmospheric and emotionally potent album features new works by composers Katherine Balch and Dante De Silva, performed by husband and wife duo of soprano Lucy Fitz Gibbon and pianist Ryan MacEvoy McCullough. De Silva’s “Four Years of Fog,” for just-tuned piano, is an exploration of the emotional tumult of youth, and Balch’s “estrangement”, a setting of California poet Katie Ford’s epic poem, is a modern response to Schumann/Heine’s “Dichterliebe,” delivered from the perspective of the unheard woman in Heine’s poetry.


Gracie and Rachel

Vinyl, CDs, tees, and more!

Gracie and Rachel merchandise: vinyl, CDs, tees and more!

~$20 range

Ami Madeleine

Takeaway EP

“Takeaway” is my latest EP – an ode to change, nature, reflection, transformation, acceptance…and hope I holds whatever you need for the moment.

$10 plus shipping

Russ Marshalek

DJing/music/a full on party!

ADVENTURE[s], now located in the Hudson Valley, creators of the best pop music party on the planet, are available to consult and perform at your party – whatever it might be. We do weddings, birthdays, wine bar openings…you name it.

Varies, happy to discuss ~any idea~!

Sun Voyager

CDs and Vinyl

With an inordinate amount of reverb and wah, SUN VOYAGER have pushed their experimentalism to the max, utilising organic jam sessions to create an album that effortlessly ebbs and flows whilst showing off the band’s passion and chemistry for their music. The band have demonstrated that stepping outside the confines and methods of modern songwriting presents a world of endless creative opportunity. – Distorted Sound Magazine

CD $10, Vinyl $24.99, Limited Edition Vinyl $28.99

Zamy Maa

A new EP – will be released on 12/2

New music available from Zamy Maa – PRELUDE II: The Cornerstone! Described as a collage of rhythms, Zamy Maa explores the intricacies of her life through experimental sounds and restorative lyrics.


Crysta Bloom

One on One Somatic Embodiment Session

This nurturing, warm session is for anyone on a journey to befriend the body once again. With the use of gentle embodiment practices we come home to the body with more grace, truth, and fullness.


Joel Friedrich

Reiki and 13th Octave LaHoChi

I provide energy healing to the people of the Hudson Valley and beyond. My intention is to nurture healing, growth, and expansion. I aim to recalibrate your energy flow, clear blockages, and bring awareness to the parts of you that may need a little more attention.

$111 Reiki or $133 LaHoChi

Madeleine Grace: Sonic Elixirs

Sound healing and Marma Therapy

Marma Therapy is an Ayurvedic bodywork that helps the body remember how to heal itself by releasing stagnant energy and bringing in fresh Prana through yoga physiotherapy, walking on the body, acupressure and an Akhara oil massage, paired with a sound healing at the end of this 2hr session.


George Guarino

Zoom Hypnosis Coaching session

Hypnotic Coaching combines the benefits of generative questioning with hypnotic suggestions to empower and install sustainable results.

Have a life-direction you want to go in, a habit you want to change, or perhaps you’d like to uncover your passions and happiness?

I’m offering a succinct 45 min Zoom Hypnotic Coaching session to get you started.

This can also be a gift for someone you care deeply about.


Jipala Kagan


An easy read and visual exploration of Chinese Medicine and the Five Elements. Patterns of living today!


Anneliese Mordhorst, RSMT

Private Somatic Movement Therapy; Private and group Fitness/Pilates classes

Enhance your feeling of well-being and confidence with deeper body-mind integration.

Supporting all bodies with a variety of methods and styles of movement for recovery, strength, mobility, posture, balance and more; including therapeutic touch and Pilates studio equipment.

$20 – $85

Gilad Paz

Mindset & Business Coaching and Consulting for Musicians

Special end-of-year pricing for the O+ community and supporters on one-time consultations and 1:1 coaching!

I help musicians, both professional and avocational, create a performing DREAM LIFE that aligns with their priorities.

Starting at only $100 for a 30-min. consultation

Laura V Ward

Fitness, Somatics, Dance, Breathwork

I offer 30-50 minute one-on-one sessions tailored  needs both online and in person, and group classes online

$50 – $210

Theresa Lyn Widmann

Sound Healing

Sound has the ability to both calm the body and the mind allowing for the rest and repair that our bodies are naturally capable of to go into effect. This sound experience includes gongs, bowls, chimes and other sounds and is available to individuals or groups up to five people.


Sarah Wilkinson

Holiday Survival Guide

The Holiday Survival Guide includes practices to incorporate more ease and calm throughout the season in 15 minutes or less. Exercises include connecting with your body, setting boundaries, becoming less self-critical and creating an action plan to support your holiday season.


Maya Kotsogiannis

I am offering massage therapy using swedish, energy polarity, medical massage, neuromuscular therapy and shiatsu techniques depending on the clients needs.

$80 ~ 60 minutes, $95 – 75 minutes, $115 ~ 90 minutes

Jesse Scherer, LMT
(Catskill Mountain Massage)

Book a 60-minute massage therapy session in Kingston. COVID-safe precautions in place.