MURAL “Queen Gate” by Thorneater Comics

MUSIC “Bilancia II” by Jeff Mercel

Ulster County native Will Lytle, aka Thorneater Comics, created two murals on opposing parallel walls meant to function as a gate or gauntlet for a pedestrian passage. It is the artist’s intention that those passing through will feel guarded and protected by the Queens, who face each other, creating a space between that evokes a peaceful air of sanctuary. Thorneater Comics painted the Queens in inverse correspondence with a black and white palette. Adorned in reverential hand-painted patterning, they beckon a meditative journey to explore the balance of light and shadow, historic symbology and personal mythology.

Thorneater Comics

Will Lytle aka Thorneater Comics is a Catskills born and raised comic artist and illustrator. He’s deeply influenced by the natural environment of the Catskills, and tries to capture the form of magic they inspire. He’s been a muralist for O+ Festival Kingston, had a weekly comic in the Ulster Publishing suite of papers, decorated a window at Colette in Paris, and works as a freelance illustrator in the Mid Hudson Valley.



I do the work that I do because I believe that we are each the social architects of our society. I am an artist and though my work is only occasionally in tangible form, my life is my art. The way I walk, talk, move and breathe is my expression. I believe in living in possibility, and want to prove to my kids that anything is possible, even world peace. I work to unify where there is division. I work selfishly to expand my own definition of self till I can act selfishly and towards the good of the universe simultaneously knowing that they are one in the same. In seeking unity I work to counter-measure the us vs. them paradigm. I do all of this as a yoga teacher at Mudita, as creator of DAY 1, on the board of Wild Earth and the Center for Creative Education, as a part of O+, working at the Kingston Farmer’s Market, as a City of Kingston Art Commissioner, just as a human being working in my community and especially as a father.