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Dean Bloch MD

Dr. Bloch was inspired by his father David Ludwig Bloch, a renowned artist and holocaust survivor, who inspired his artistic eye, love of beauty and natural style. Combined with extensive medical training and confidence in his skill, Dr. Bloch consistently delivers impressive, natural looking results with a gentle touch and great sense of humor. He’s known for his natural, long lasting results using cutting edge techniques with minimalist approach.

Dr. Dean Bloch is a (board certified obstetrician and gynecologist (ABOG). In addition to running a thriving OB/GYN practice for over 33 years, Dr. Bloch has extensive knowledge and training in cosmetic procedures, bio-identical hormones, anti-aging treatments, nutrition and supplements. He earned a BA in Chemistry and a BS in Physics from Buffalo State University, a Masters in Natural Sciences from the University of Buffalo Medical School and an MD from the University of Vermont. His residency was at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center.

He has a special interest in regenerative and functional medicine exemplified in the Platelet Rich Plasma and Vampire procedures. Dr. Bloch is the foremost provider for Botox and filler injectables in the Kingston, New York area. His specialties include Botox, fillers, tear trough injections, PRP Facelift and Kybella.

Dr. Bloch regularly attends America Academy of Anti Aging, THE Aesthetics Show, Aesthetics Next, LA-MCA, Swift Master Class, AmSpa, BTS Beauty Through Science, International Congress on Auto Immunity and the Harvard Medical School of Clinical Endocrinology as well as Institute of Functional Medicine conferences.