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Dori Miller, Certified Acutonics® Sound Healer

Acutonics® Sound Healer:
Dori Miller is a Certified Practitioner in Acutonics® Sound Healing which uses planetary tuning forks tuned to the frequencies of the planets as they orbit around the Sun. Sessions with Dori offer a gentle and deep path to homeostasis. She relies upon clues delivered through your unique connection with the Cosmos and intuition during intake. Native American Shamanistic forms of healing, stones, gems, aromatherapy, chimes, and Tibetan singing bowls may be included when appropriate.

Discover a unique, integrative approach to holistic healing with Acutonics®. This energy-based treatment uses precision-calibrated tuning forks that are placed on specific acupuncture points. With strong roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine and further inspired by shamans, science, psychology and more – this therapy helps bring harmony for the client. Enjoy an experience like no other as you feel your body resonate with the natural harmonic cycle based on orbital properties of the celestial bodies (Music of the Spheres).

Artist | Oil Painter | Paper Maker
Dori Miller identifies as a mind’s-eye whisperer and represents the unobserved. Dori’s paintings are slow love letters that transport us along the lifeline of our desires, through veils of experience and behind our own scenes. Speaking in the visual language of the subconscious, her work invites you to stay awhile. With an eye on noticings across space and time, her work captures the explosive stillness of epic moments. This abundant, quantum soup of entanglement chronicles the tug-of-war between the known and the unknown.

Such ethereal works yearn for a solid, foundation. With a nod to the ancestors, the paintings begin with a mix of oils, linen, copper nails and handmade paper.